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Instructions    Please choose your service from the menu bar, open it and read.  There is all kinds of wonderful information that will help ensure you the best success from your new procedure! See the "please_read " section as well.  This is necessary reading and explains what to expect before, during and after.  Preparation and aftercare.  For laser fat reduction or fibroblast plasma procedures all communication will be done via phone as well as emails for consult, pricing, booking and questions and answers.
  !   Cancellation Policy: all payments are adjusted for cash only.  A deposit of 30%  is needed to hold an appointment space.  This is credited to your procedure.  If a weeks cancellation is given a full refund of that 30% will be sent to your account immediately.  10% refunded with less than a full week.    These types of appointments are costly to me when not fulfilled and planned on because of the nature of the consideration to individual customization and invasiveness.  I cannot fill the space with less window because another client would not have time to prepare.  Please don't book if you do not want responsibility for the time you ask me to hold.  Deposit must be sent to my account no later the 24hours from the time you book.  Deposits are not cash.  Send with:

Zelle to not use a phone number). Or send thru Venmo to 928jackie-peterson-7. 

 All last minute cancellations are done for necessary reasons including but not limited to:

1.   Not being able to find the location. Please plan and leave early so this is not an issue. As well please have your cash ready, check your gas and tires, etc, the day before, to avoid uneeded fees and or stress.

2.  Covid symptoms.  Symtoms of illness happen to us all.  I cannot take loss for last minute symtoms that keep me from being able to have time to prepare another client to take the space I held for you. Know, when booking that you could in fact wake up sick and need to put off your appointment.  I'm not doing this to be mean.  It stands to reason that if I take the loss any time this happens I lose income.  Please understand and prepare mentally to possibly lose that 20% deposit.  Because I can't rescedule without a weeks notice you can see that all I would get for that alloted time is the 20%. Much less than I was counting on but a fair and realistic amount considering I lost ability to make full value for my time and you did not yet recieve a service.  Please consider this when booking.

     To clarify:  If you arrive late or cancel with less than a weeks notice we will need to reschedule.  The latter would cost you 20% more but would be understandable as I will not rush your appointment.  I am a perfectionist and very protective of you.  Thank you.

!   Touch ups      Touch up may be necessary and is not included. Touch ups are 150.00 for basic, thin and natural eyebrows and eyeliner. This is only a touch up if done within the first 3 months. Please see disclaimer 

 !     Payment   all balances after deposit are due at appointment and must be cash only.   I am an artist and all procedures will rely heavily on your desires and tastes.  I will give you 100% but because of obvious variables in desired out comes possible no refunds will be given once the work is done and materials used.  Of course it benefits us both to have the best result so the alternative option to a  refund will be that we work together to adjust. Especially in permanent makeup, because of skin texture, underlying blood tone,  your adhesion to proper aftercare, aborbtion, etc, permament makeup is considered a process and anything should be expected.

Vaccines of any nature are a private individual descision. It is not up for discussion or question between either of us before, during or after.  

Masks: Mask or unmask as you see fit.  I personally will not be masked at anytime other than whilst I am working directly on you and at that time you can count on it.

Jackie is master certified in technique, uses only the  safest and highest quality needles and pigments and provides a medical set up with disposable single use needles for your protection.

Thank you!  You will love your makeup!


Disclaimer Statement - Please understand that your makeup may not take in it's entirety at the initial implant.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  As strange as it may seem, one side of your face can accept pigment better than the other or even  one full section of the procedure may not take.  Swelling, pain level (the time allowed for numbing is based off the norm and is not necessarily enough time for you individually), individual body makeup, variation in skin texture and scarring from prior tattooing as well as individual tendency to scar, all come into play as to how successful the implant is.   Also color may not appear inside the skin the same as it did outside.  The color is chosen beforehand as 'best choice" and may need to be adjusted using a touch up if the tone or shade is not the desired result.  Color can be adjusted.  Scarring can occur anytime skin is broken.  If you have a tendency to scar, this should be taken into consideration.  There can be temporary discoloration, pink baby skin, that can take 6 months to a year to completely disappear.  The above mentioned are  individual problems and are not common but may arise.  I do not take responsibility for any of these as I do a proper implant and use high quality pigments.  If these problems do arise, a touch up and sometimes patience will be required.  Please be prepared to understand that touch ups are not part of the original implant service as they are not always needed or desired.  Please check menu for current pricing.